Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Necronomicon Prophecies

"In those last days of the age of man the blood of Ng'Vroth shall pour forth from his frozen tomb to spoil the waters, and the water shall be changed to foulness, and the life therein given the taint of Ng'Vroth and rise from the deeps to drag down and devour the things of the land. In fear man will rain the fire that kindles the sun down upon the frozen tomb of Ng'Vroth to seal his seeping wounds, and fully a third of the waters be spoiled forevermore."
The Prophecies of Pnom

 "Great Cthulhu waits in Rlyeh, dead but dreaming. Yet a day will come when the stars are right and the ocean vomits Rlyeh again to the surface. Cthulhu will call his faithful unto him, his priests will restore his might with the spells they have guarded for untold generations and they must be the first to sate his endless hunger. All the works of men will be cast down, men will tear out their eyes, but even the blind will see the face of Cthulhu, so they may know madness before death. Pity most those who endure the great purge, for they will live on as provender for the Great Old Ones and slaves for Dagon's Children."
(Rlyeh Text, page 946, translated from the Primal Aklo by Dr. Ben Crawford)

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