Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cthulhu Cult Artifacts

In the spring of 1871 an English fishing vessel found an ornate wooden sarcophagus floating in the Atlantic. Inside was a well preserved body of disturbingly inhuman proportions. The hideous corpse held a small statue depicting a strange tentacled monster clutched in one hand. The other hand was locked around an ornate knife. Scrolls with grotesque drawings of monsters and glyphs in an unknown tongue were found stuffed in the hollowed chest of the body.
The Captain of the fishing boat claimed the artifacts and scrolls for himself, then ordered his men to store the coffin below deck. The next morning two men were found dead next to the sarcophagus, the necks of each crushed and covered with a clinging greenish mold. Over the protests of their captain the crew of the vessel seized the open coffin and tossed it over the side, where it sank immediately from view. The captain managed to retain the artifacts only by brandishing a revolver and threatening charges of mutiny. Another crewman disappeared during a night watch and upon making port the entire crew of the vessel absconded.
Seeking funds to hire another crew the captain sold the artifacts to a British museum for a tidy sum, but did not live longer than a month after his financial gain. The mariner's body was found floating under the docks, pulped and mushy as though some gigantic squid had crushed the life from him.
Cthulhu Statue on display at Miskatonic University

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