Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Primal Giants

Far to the frozen north sailed At'amdra, and there he found an island where dwelt a race of  monstrous giants amid the ruins of a once great city. These savage giants were called the Ith'uuklim by the primitive people who lived on nearby islands and it is said long ago the monsters sought to conquer the young tribes of man. But Nodens had witnessed the vileness of the Ith'uuklim and sent a mighty earthquake to destroy their city, then he caused strange foul vapors to rise from the earth to rob them of intellect. Now the giants roamed the fallen city as animals devouring any living thing they might find and even preying on their own kind when food was scarce.

At'amdra considered a landing on the isle of the Ith'uuklim, for no doubt great treasures remained in the ruins. But wisely sailed on as the place had been cursed by the gods.

 (from the Lemurian Codex)

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