Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Arkham Expedition

Arkham Massachusett's Miskatonic University launched their third and final Antarctic Expedition in 1937. The project was organized to search for traces of a pre-human civilization, long thought to be centered in the frozen continent according to certain passages of the fabled Necronomicon and Pnakotic Manuscripts. The expedition was funded by a generous grant from the Rothwell Institute for Theosophical Studies and while most of the participating scientists considered the mission to be complete quackery the opportunity to explore the antarctic region was impossible to pass up.

Contact with the group was lost almost immediately, a hastily organized rescue party recovered a few pieces of the expedition's equipment at the base camp, but no bodies were ever found and adding to the mystery; certain notes, photographs, and specimens were withheld from the general public. After a lengthy court battle with the Rothwell Institute over the ownership of the materials, these items were ordered sealed in the vault at Miskatonic for 100 years. The artifacts of the lost expedition remain the subject of much speculation and rumor.

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Michael said...

These are fantastic. I love the liner notes. Chilling.