Thursday, May 31, 2012

Servants of Yuggoth

 It is truth to say the Heirophants of Atlantis are immortal, but that longevity comes with a terrible price. The masters of Atlantis serve the Mi Go, who are sometimes called the fungi from Yuggoth. The surgical skill of the Mi Go enables them to extract the brain and preserve it alive in certain nourishing formulae. Then the bodies are prepared much in the same manner as one would prepare a mummy, drying the flesh until it becomes of a leathern quality. The Fungi then add certain apparatus into the spine of the lich,  that the disembodied brain may have perception and control of the body, much in the fashion of a puppeteer manipulating a wooden doll. The bodies are dependent upon the Mi Go to maintain the apparatus of control, thus do the Mi Go truly rule Atlantis. A mage of sufficient ability need not fear the Atlanteans, for the process renders them deprived of the means to properly conduct the subtle etheric energies, making their thaumaturgy mediocre at best. However the Mi Go are to avoided at all costs as they possess magic and knowledge inconceivable to the human mind.

   The Prophets of Pnom have often spoken of the doom that will befall Atlantis and of the pathetic bottled brains who will spend untold millenia buried on the ocean floor after this cataclysm. They will dwell trapped within their thoughts until the final death plunge of the Earth into the Sun grants them oblivion.
   (from the "Path of the Crimson Eye" as translated from the Hyperborean Aklo by Dr. Ben Crawford)

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