Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mi Go Cult Fetish

The Tcho-Tcho witch doctor howled his incantations into the night sky and held aloft the disgusting little fetish he had handled with such care we ascended the rugged mountain. He finished the ritual and smiled at me with his filed teeth, "Now you see them, the little mi-go have spirit in it to bring the big mi-go, that is the way of magic. They hear me on the world of black mountains and soon they come. He wrapped the fetish up in a soft leather that reminded me of human skin and said, "Now we wait" then he stood staring at the sky.
Several minutes passed and nothing happened. I felt like laughing, I had been foolish enough to pay this old cannibal $20 for a ridiculous ritual he claimed could summon beings from beyond the stars. I had seen far more convincing magic shows in india and china at half the price. I let my hand rest on my holstered Colt, I planned on getting a refund if something didn't happen soon.
I started to feel dizzy, at first I thought it was the heat and the noxious weeds he was burning but it was not like any drug, it was like something was disconnecting my brain a section at a time. My legs went numb and I fell face first to the ground, completely paralyzed. I heard the sound of giant beating wings and a vibrating drone like a million cicadas. The old cannibal rolled me over on my back and I saw them; three of the things, like bat winged crabs almost as big as a man and covered with a fungus skin, the Mi-go were here just as the witch doctor had said they would be . I tried to scream but no sound came.
 The old cannibal whispered into my ear, "They like you, they gone take you with them, you gone live with them forever inside of a can". They were crawling over me by then and I saw the blades, blood ran into my eyes and suddenly I couldn't see, hear, or feel anything.
I've been here in the dark ever since, I don't know how long. Sometimes I hear voices, sometimes the droning insect voice of those things and sometimes other people. The people say crazy things and some of them just scream, some say we had out brains took out and put in cans and we are in a place called Yuggoth. I wonder where Yuggoth is, I think it may be hell.
(anomalous radio transmission received by Voyager 2 on December 9, 1989 as it passed beyond Neptune)
Tcho-tcho fetish representing the Mi-Go entities.

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