Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fungi from Yuggoth

For thousands of years the Fungi from Yuggoth have visited Earth, mining rare minerals and performing ghastly experiments on mankind. Early in man's history a group of deranged individuals began to assist the Mi-Go in their projects, serving them in hopes of gaining immortality as disembodied brains. The aliens left their servants tools and instructions to carry on their gruesome work. This harvesting of human tissue continues even now, often labeled as the work of serial killers or under the veil of war crimes. But a few learned men understand the true nature of such atrocities and the Mi-Go move ever closer to their ultimate goal.

Intercepted transmission; MAG-12 LEVEL CLEARANCE ONLY:
 Subject: Adam Sexton age 26
 Suspected Mi-Go operative involved in harvesting operations.
 09/17/04 Sexton was shot 11 times and terminated by local law enforcement agents during an attempt to serve a search warrant at his Kentucky residence. Deep cover MAG-12 agents involved recovered Sexton's surgical instruments and various ancient texts from the scene, artifacts considered to be of yuggothian origin. Sexton's body was autopsied on site, abnormal fibrous tissue was discovered connecting the brain, spinal cord, and disfigured vital organs. Samples were collected and are in route to "51", critical details of incident successfully repressed from media.
 09/18/04 UPDATE:
 Sexton corpse missing,  Agent "David" killed, along with several locals. We are conducting a sweep of the area and expect....
 Transmission terminated abruptly.
 11/23/04 UPDATE:
 Subject Sexton spotted in Seattle, several incidents of "brain surgery murders" reported in that area. Sexton is considered a red level threat and is to be liquidated on sight. Recommend immediate cremation of subject.
Migo Artifact recovered, likely to be some sort of "scalpel" device used in the harvesting of brain tissue by Mi-Go operative. Artifact displays no obvious function and appears to be inert, in keeping with other yuggothian technology it may require a biological power source supplied by the user, this process allows the Mi-go to be fully integrated to their tools and explains the variety in their appearance. The alien devices can integrate with human tissue and function with varying degrees of success but the process is both physically and mentally detrimental to humans.


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